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Our story begins in 1978 when artist David McAuliffe, came to Venice CA, and founded Angles Gallery, where he exhibited numerous pioneers of minimalist art.

One of the earliest shows at Angles was Donald Judd’s seminal furniture collection. The inspiration David took from Judd’s show persisted over the decades and is realized in the principles of simplicity, honesty, and utility, at the heart of Milwood Design.

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As David’s family grew to include five children, he expanded his Milwood Ave. bungalow from an artist’s loft to a  six-bedroom house. Over the years David designed and fabricated his own furniture to integrate with the house and its unique mid-century minimalist pieces.

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After more than a year of searching for the perfect stool without success, David designed Untitled Rush Stool #1, and Milwood Design was born.

The current collection is approached as sculpture, handcrafted in Venice CA. 

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